The best Xbox One headsets in 2023

best Xbox One headsets in 2023

Are you looking for headsets that go specifically with your Xbox One console? Are you confused as to which is the best Xbox One headset among all the headsets available in the market? Look no further in this article; we have compiled all the Xbox One headsets so that it’s easier for you to choose. If you would like to know in detail about these headsets, keep reading till the end.

Trying to find a good headset with a microphone for the Xbox console is hard compared to finding one for the PS4. Still, there are a few good options in headsets to play on Xbox One as well as PlayStation. Below we have picked some of the best gaming headsets for Xbox One you can purchase.

Best Xbox One Headsets

  • Audeze Maxwell Wireless headphones come in two variants, one for Xbox One and the other for PlayStation, so be sure to check which one you are buying for Xbox One especially. They come with a price point of 300 USD. The headset is well-built to have neutral sound and can reproduce sound effects such as vocal audio, footsteps, and instruments due to their use of planar magnetic drivers that generate a good bass response along with a wider passive soundstage than other headsets that use dynamic drivers.The headsets have features to customize the sound, and it supports Dolby Atmos, which gives a more impressive listening experience. The battery lasts around 77 hours of continuous use and has an auto timer to save power when it’s not being used. They offer minimal delay over non-Bluetooth wireless headsets, so you won’t notice any lip sync issues while playing a game. It has a detachable mic, so your voice is clear for your teammates. It also supports multi-device pairing and Bluetooth.
  • The SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro does not have wireless connectivity like Audeze Maxwell but gives effective performance for its price point. It costs around 200USD. These headsets are comfortable to wear and come with GameDAC Gen 2 for low-latency USB connectivity for Xbox.It has great mic performance, and you can hear clearly with these headsets while playing online games, even when there is noise in the background. The boom mic can be retractable and can’t be detachable. The sound profile does add some boom to the audio, which again brings out sound effects such as footsteps. Though the voices are clear, they do lack details and can sound harsh. But this is the best headset for Xbox at this price point.
  • SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7X Wireless retails for 199 USD. It supports Bluetooth, so you can mix audio and game by playing with your console along with listening to music from your smartphone. It has a bass-rich sound profile which jam packs extra boom while playing action packers games though dialogue lacks details and voice sounds veiled.

But you can adjust it with parametric EQ and companion software. It has a battery life of 30 hours while continuously playing games, along with an auto-off timer to save power.

The downside, the headset has a weak performing mic, so voice sounds are not as natural while playing multiplayer games. While playing games in shared places, audio leaks can be problematic. It comes with a low latency USB dongle with Xbox consoles, so be sure to bet the 7X version for your Xbox One.

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  • Razer Kaira Pro Wireless headset costs around 190 USD. It has a good quality build along with 19 hours of continuous battery life and is most comfortable while wearing it for a long duration. They have less battery life and a less neutral sound profile than SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7, but if you have a low budget go for this headset as it has Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to stream music or audio from your smartphone while gaming. The detachable microphone makes the voice sound natural and clear.
  • The Logitech G432, with its lowest price of 9 USD, has a cheaper plastic build but gives a solid performance and a comfortable fit for gaming. One can plug it into the controller for latency-free connection to Xbox One. Though the audio is not clear, the vocals and instruments are quite detailed and clear. Though they have some sound customization features, they are designed for PC, not Xbox. Even with background noises, the mic makes your voice sound clear.
  • The Drop + Sennheiser PC38X has an open-back design and is listed at around 450 USD. These headphones are comfortable to wear for a long duration of time and have a great mic. Out of the box, it has a very warm sound profile but not much thump or low bass due to its design. But it can still deliver a good boom which again emphasizes the sound effect in your game. The soundtracks and dialogues are clear, but the headsets lack EQ adjustments, so you can’t fine-tune your sound to your liking.

These headsets allow sound to escape the ear cups and interact with surrounding noise. It makes the soundstage feel spacious and creates more immersive gameplay. But you can’t escape background noise while using these headsets, and it also leaks a lot of game audio which isn’t a problem if you live alone or if you are gaming from a personal room.


Hope this article was able to give some clarity about the best Xbox One headsets and make it easier for you to choose among these best headsets in the market for your console. So which of these headsets was to your liking? Do let us know which headset you choose and why? We tried giving you different headsets from different price points, but every single one of them gives great performance overall.

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